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Cost of Living in North Cyprus

Cost of Living in North Cyprus

North Cyprus must be one of the least expensive places to live in the Mediterranean. It is exceptionally good value when compared to living costs in the UK.  Electric, water and council tax are relatively inexpensive making your Pound go further. You will certainly notice the difference to places in the Eurozone such as Spain or France. In North Cyprus there is a great choice of seasonal items and local produce at fresh fruit and vegetable stalls. Cigarettes and alcohol are also cheap in North Cyprus and you can have a meal for two in a lovely Cyprus restaurant for around 120-150tl.


Prices taken from March 2015 – Currency rate at the time 3.85tl per £1


98 petrol -3.23tl - 0.82pperlitre

95 petrol - 3.01tl 0.76pper litre

Euro - 3.06tl0.78pper litre

Diesel- 2.67tl 0.68pper litre


Electric- upto 242KWs is 0.441tl0.11pper KW – after this is0.487tl0.12pper KW

Water - 85tl - £21 over 2 months         

Council tax - 1tl 0.25p per m2of your internal propertysize  – This is paid to the municipality(local council) yearly or 6 monthly



Water bottle            19litre–6tl - £1.52

Gas bottle               10kg -33tl - £8.40

Gas tank                 Jet Gas 1.8tl per litre - 765tl –500 litre


Bread      Local bread 1tl – 0.25p – Sliced from 4.30tl - £1.10             

Milk 1ltr   2.60tl – 0.66p

Eggs       6 pack, 3.00tl – 0.76p – 30 pack, 7.30tl - £1.86

Cheese   Cathedral 200g, 9.25tl - £2.35

Jam         6.25tl £1.59

Rice        800g white from 1.95tl – 0.49p

Pasta       from 1.40tl  – 0.36p  

Butter      227g - 7.90tl - £2


Fruit and Vegetables can be found at either fresh fruit and vegetable stalls or in the supermarkets and prices are very reasonable, but vary according to the season.


Meal for 2 with a drink, approximately 120tl - £30– 200tl - £50, obviously depending on the type of establishment where you eat. This is an average.





Benson & Hedges - 1 pack of 20 - 9.5tl - £2.43 – 200 carton - 95tl £24.21

Lambert & Butler – 1 pack of 20 – 9t£2.30 - 200 carton – 90tl- £23.00

Silk Cut – 1 pack of 20 - 9.5tl - £2.43– 200 carton – 95tl £24.21

Local brand “2000” pack of 20 - 5tl - £1.27– Carton 60tl - £15.30

Golden Virginia – 50g pack 15tl£3.82 - Carton 72.50tl  - £18.48


Alcohol is also very cheap in North Cyprus with many local brands of vodka and brandy to choose from also the local beer Efes

Brandy 70cl from 9tl - £2.29

Vodka 70cl from 10tl - £2.54

Efes 50cl – 2.90tl – 0.73p


At the time of writing, all prices were current,list completed March 2015 and prices subject to change. 






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